Dr. Heinrich von Blackthorpe Pleasant

Born:  August 15, 1950

Clearance Level:  C w/ additional designation *A (Autonomous)

Most Likely To:  Gnash teeth.

Notes:  Expert in Biology, Interspecies Transplants, and Genetic Engineering.  Historically, has proven himself very temperamental and difficult to work with. 


Gale Wallace Shoemaker

Born:  [REDACTED], 1988

Clearance Level:  E (Need to know)

Most Likely To:  Say "yo" with complete sincerity.

Notes:  Hired as a Personal Assistant to "Dr. Pleasant."  Has been reported to frequently engage in non-sanctioned [CLASSIFIED] activities.  Possible accidental threat due to unprofessional demeanor and/or intoxication.


Subject I-13.13

Codename:  Cathy

Born:  Christine Eleanor White, [REDACTED], 1995

Experiment Purpose:  Human/Crustacean genetic splicing, mutagen resistance, secondary bone and musculature support.

Appointment:  Asset Security for "Dr. Pleasant."

Most Likely To:  Roll eyes. (Just the front two)

Notes:  Was refused placement into several Military position Appointments due to disposition.  


Subject J-4.13

Codename:  Amanda

Born:  Abigail Almeida Jimenez, [REDACTED], 1993

Experiment Purpose:  Unconditional revival from death (failed), musculature efficiency augmentation, cross-mammalian genetic splicing.

Appointment:  Lab assistant for "Dr. Pleasant."

Least Likely To:  Make facial expressions.

Notes:  Suffered severe amnesia and had emotional abilities limited from the revival process.  While Dr. Pleasant has not followed up on these results, they are of considerable interest to various programs. 


Subject I-6.13

Codename:  Beatrix

Born:  Brittany Lillian Jones (Jones-Anderson), [REDACTED], 1991

Experiment Purpose:  Human/Insect genetic splicing, sensory augmentation. 

Appointment:  [CLASSIFIED]

Clearance Level:  D

Most Likely To:  Shake her hips in a casual conversation.


Subject K-5.13

Codename:  Koko

Born:  Kayla Sally Cho, [REDACTED], 1994

Experiment Purpose:  Appendage addition and functionality.

Appointment:  [CLASSIFIED]

Clearance Level:  E (Need to know)

Most Likely To:  Feel uncomfortable in a social situation.


Subject A-2.14

Codename:  N/A


Experiment Purpose:  Project [CLASSIFIED], weaponized psychotropics.

Notes:  Multiple reports of those affected by the substance emitted by PLE A-2.14 stated that the subject referred to itself as "Phophora."


Subject A-4.14

Codename:  N/A


Experiment Purpose:  Muscle speed and joint flexibility augmentation, increased bodily tolerance to metallic implants.

Appointment:  Various Military and Weapons research programs.

Most Likely To:  Froth at the mouth.

Notes:  Violent and unpredictable.  Do not remove her restraints unless in a completely controlled environment.



Experiment Purpose:  Synthetic human consciousness, heat to chemical energy conversion.

Most Likely To:  Change colors.


Subject B-1.14

Codename:  N/A

Born:  Primary host [CLASSIFIED], Secondary hosts [CLASSIFIED]

Self Identifies As:  Na'dlehee Lupu

Experiment Purpose:  [CLASSIFIED]

Most Likely To:  Speak in riddles.

Notes:  All interactions with PLE B-1.14 have been indefinitely suspended.


Subject C-3.14

Codename:  Isabelle

Born:  Iris Sophia Jackson, [REDACTED], 1989

Experiment Purpose:  Various artificial implants and additions.

Appointment:  Data Management.

Most Likely To:  Talk about space aliens.

Clearance Level:  D


Subject D-6.14

Codename:  Francesca

Born:  Filia Alyssa Caras, [REDACTED], 1990

Experiment Purpose:  Human/Reptilian genetic splicing, Endo/Exothermic hybrid biologies.

Appointment:  Office. (File management)

Most Likely To:  Indulge in sarcasm and/or breakfast pastries.


Subject E-2.14

Codename: N/A


Experiment Purpose: Teleperipheral Nervous System creation, "barely there" skin substitutes. 

Appointment: [CLASSIFIED]


Subject F-5.14

Codename: Joselyn

Born: Jalaja Raivena Naran, [REDACTED], 1994

Experiment Purpose: Human/Avian genetic splicing, biologically initiated personal flight.  

Appointment: [CLASSIFIED]

Most Likely To: Molt feathers all over the damn place.


Synthetic Human, Designation: R

Codename: Armando



Subject G-8.14

Codename: Ophelia

Born: Oriana Nicole Cooper, [REDACTED], 1997

Experiment Purpose: Head exclusive life support, multi-purpose robotics control. 

Appointment: None.

Most Likely To: Be POSITIVE!


Subject H-1.14

Codename: Sable

Born: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], 1992

Experiment Purpose: Augmented healing and hematopoiesis.

Appointment: Medical research.

Most Likely To: Lose a limb.


Subject H-7.13

Codename: N/A

Born: Lorelei Braun Müller, [REDACTED], 1989

Experiment Purpose: Matter transmogrification and human consciousness retention.



Subject H-4.14

Codename: Maya

Born: Miyako Ariel Tetsuo, [REDACTED], 1990

Experiment Purpose: Human/Amphibian genetic splicing, toxin production and resistance.

Appointment: [CLASSIFIED]

Most Likely To: Engage in theft of some sort.


Subject J-1.14

Codename: Vladina

Born: Victoria Bochinsky Iagar, [REDACTED], 1984

Experiment Purpose: Digestive system augmentation.

Appointment: Medical research.

Notes: Dr. Iagar has, fortunately, retained her extensive knowledge of Hematology and bloodborne pathogens.  Be advised that her personality will be altered into something highly aggressive and confrontational when she is in the physical presence of blood.


Companion Bot X7f-2B

Model: X7

Gender: Female

Serial number: 2B (43)

Notes: Was sent to Dr. Pleasant and has since been modified with older Companion Bot and other Wright Corp. robotics parts. Has demonstrated incredibly rare behavior of disregarding standard Companion Bot protocol.


Subject K-2.14

Codename: Ursula

Born: Undine Gabriel Porter, [REDACTED], 1991

Experiment Purpose: Human/Caprinae genetic splicing.

Appointment: Human resources.

Most likely to: Give a hoot and/or not pollute.


Subject K-9.14

Codename:  N/A


Experiment Purpose: Human/Feline genetic splicing, strength and mobility augmentation.

Appointment:  [CLASSIFIED]

Most Likely To:  Have adorable kitty ears.


Subject L-1.14

Codename: Zara

Born: Zoé Justine Lacroix , [REDACTED], 1993

Experiment Purpose: Cross Phylum genetic splicing, water breathing capabilities.

Appointment: None.

Most likely to: Talk.


Subject A-3.15

Codename: Qamara

Born: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], 1995

Experiment Purpose: Advanced biological camouflage.

Appointment: [CLASSIFIED]

Least likely to: Talk.


Subject B-2.15

Codename: Yvette

Born: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], 1993

Experiment Purpose: Human/Piscine genetic splicing, cancer fighting agents.

Appointment: Military training and fitness.

Most likely to: Exercise.


Dr. Carl Steinmann Wright

Born:  [REDACTED], 1949

Clearance Level:  C w/ additional designation *A (Autonomous)


Kings Project, Specimen #16

Designation:  Elvira

Clearance Level:  A

Notes:  While she has shown remarkable restraint (given her temperament) in the past, it is advised to not antagonize Elvira.


Dr. Samantha Elizabeth Hope

Born:  [REDACTED], 1951

Clearance Level:  *REVOKED*

Notes:  Currently, the largest threat to The Operation.  Capture alive if possible.  Aiding Dr. Hope in any way will be viewed as high treason against the State.


Luscious Black

Notes:  The boldest, blackest character in fiction.


Maj. Flint Reinhart and Lt. Jack Stryker



Shi'kyus Black

Notes: One bad mother.


Ralph Boner

Notes:  Everyone's favorite skeleton.